Error installing OneDrive for Business Next Generation Sync Client

We wanted to install the latest and greatest OneDrive for Business Next Generation Sync Client in the hope it will fix the numerous support calls we receive about syncing issues from our staff.
We have the Office 2013 365 OneDrive for Business already installed but ran into a lot of trouble trying to the Next Gen client installed. We saw the following errors (amongst others) in the logs

!ERROR! (0x80070005) (fsmanagerimpl.cpp:470) ERROR: “” failed with 0x80070005 in .

LogsUploader: Unable to resolve upload host: 11001

ERROR: “” failed with 0x80040b01 in
After some searching around it seems a group policy was stopping it install. The group policy stops the personal version of OneDrive in our corporate environment but it seems this
was stopping the Next Generation client installing.

The policy is
Computer Configuration – Polices – Administrative Templates – Windows Components – OneDrive
“Prevent usage of onedrive for file storage” = Disabled

This was set to Enabled and was causing our errors.

To quickly prove this we tweaked the corresponding registry key located here: HKLM\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\OneDrive – DisableFileSyncNGSC and set it to the value 0 (zero)

We also came across some registry settings that we used to customise the user experience of the new client.


Create a DWORD key with value name “DefaultToBusiness” with value data 1
Create a DWORD key with value name “EnableAddAccounts” with value data 1
Create a DWORD key with value name “DisablePersonalSync” with value data 1



4 thoughts on “Error installing OneDrive for Business Next Generation Sync Client

  1. Thanks a ton for this article. My OneDrive on windows 7 64-bit suddenly stopped working about 4 months back. Since then I have posted in forums and have even contacted OneDrive Microsoft support, but all in vain. I did find out about this policy setting but on my version of Windows 7, this setting does not show up in gpedit.msc. So I thought this was a Windows 10 or beyond thing. however I came across your article yesterday and explored the given registry key. Just setting the value to “0” for this registry key did the magic and my OneDrive started to work again.

    Thanks a lot again for a very informative article.


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  3. Thanks, helped me get onedrive reinstalled after i had blocked it via GPO. The registry keys were still set. After setting them to 0, reinstalled fine.


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